General Supervisor (in charge) of the Office of Digital Transformation

She started her career since 2003 as a software engineer and content developer in (Samba). She was responsible for the development of e-businesses and the development of internal and external transactions in (Tadawul) until 2011. Afterward, she worked for the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs working as the head of the Electronic Services Development department until 2012. Deemah AlYahya has held several important positions in Microsoft, until she was appointed Executive Director ,Developer Experience and Digital innovation. Qualifications and interests In addition to her bachelor's degree in Computer Science from King Saud University and her software experience, she has extensive experience in other areas such as marketing, e-commerce, strengthening strategic partnerships and software, building effective teams and developing performance, risk management, business strategies and planning. Saudi Women's Support and Empowerment Information technology has been and continues to be one of its most important concerns in 2014. The Women Spark Initiative was established to promote the role and contribution of women to the IT industry. The establishment of several small and medium-sized enterprises oversaw the field of technology, and the field of knowledge exports witnessed the beginning of the Saudi attempts to create a new economic market (the digital economy). She provided consultations to a number of governmental and private bodies in the field of Digital Transformation. Management of digital transformation Deemah AlYahya is a new Saudi field and one of the most important experts in the Kingdom. Through its website, Deemah AlYahya seeks to move Saudi Arabia to the forefront of global digital transformation indicators and enable the 2030 Vision to be accelerated through digital transformation.