Pre-Sales Director - Bahwan CyberTek

Bashar Khalil, Pre-Sales Director of Bahwan CyberTek, boasts more than 12 years digital technology and transformation experience, enabling global organisations to reach their digital destinations through large technology transformation projects. His knowledge as a proficient leader in digital architecture has enabled organizations to define future-modern enterprise frameworks and architectures, leveraging the latest technologies and tailored enterprise solutions. Bashar’s involvement with customers across various industries and sectors, has provided organisations with ROI through the streamlining and optimization of customer operations, the harnessing of real-time business intelligence and streaming analytics, as well as enabling innovative customer experiences. These projects have transformed enterprise into innovative, interconnected, agile, cost effective and high performing businesses. Bashar has worked intricately with some of the largest enterprises throughout the MENA region, in the banking, telecommunications, transport, Government, Oil & Gas and Civil Defense industries. Bashar’s passion and competencies in both technical and business excellence adds great value to digital transformation.